Full Service Auto Repair

man repairing carThe secret to getting the most out of your vehicle for the longest period of time is proper upkeep and auto repair in Fergus Falls, MN. The way you care for your vehicle will dictate how it serves you for years to come, making it important to keep up on routine maintenance and trust only qualified professionals for repairs.

If you’re seeking an auto mechanic in Fergus Falls, MN that you can trust to service your vehicle to its fullest, the answer is College Way Auto Sales & Service. From oil changes to tune-ups, transmission work to engine repairs, there’s nothing our ASE-Certified mechanics can’t handle!

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is preventative: it keeps costly and complicated problems from arising within your vehicle’s essential functional systems. Getting your engine oil changed, your filters replaced and your systems flushed means keeping them in top working condition at all times. And, while it may be annoying to remember this maintenance every 3,000 miles, it’s certainly less of a headache than having to tow your vehicle in for drastic service!

Let our professionals help keep you ahead of routine service, to ensure your vehicle is always running in peak condition. Come to us for oil changes and other scheduled services, including brake service in Fergus Falls, MN.

Auto repairs

It’s hard to anticipate when your vehicle’s critical systems will fail. No one plans for engine trouble or has the foresight to predict transmission repair in Fergus Falls, MN, but they can arise at any time, for a number of reasons. If and when you’re faced with a situation that requires auto repair—whether minor or comprehensive in scope—trust our team to deliver unparalleled service to your vehicle.

As the local experts for car and truck repair in Fergus Falls, MN, we take pride in assessing the scope of repairs required to get you back on the road, then providing a superior level of service. Our aim is to keep you and your vehicle safe, and to develop a relationship with our customers that’s rooted in trust.

For more information about any of our automotive services or to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance or repairs, give us a call today at 218-739-5426.