Finding a Reputable Used Car Dealer in Fergus Falls, MN

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When it is time to replace a vehicle on a budget, finding a used car dealer in Fergus Falls, MN that you can trust may seem impossible. The industry has a precarious reputation, and everyone knows at least one person who had a bad experience buying a pre-owned vehicle. At College Way Auto Sales & Service, we understand the struggle, which is why we make the purchase experience as pleasant as possible. Here are four attributes you will find at reputable dealers:

  • No bait-and-switch: Upselling is a reality in this business. Talking customers into a slightly larger SUV or a new high-tech feature goes with the territory. You can always say no, and we will gladly respect your wishes. Where you need to be careful is when you call regarding a specific car you found advertised, only to show up and hear claims that it is not available. Many dealerships will continue to advertise cars even after they are sold just to bring people in and talk them into a more expensive purchase. Unless you are shown other cars with similar prices and features, leave and do not consider giving them your business.
  • Service incentives: If there is a service department, ask if there are discounts for customers who purchased a car at the dealership. You also want to check reviews to see if scheduling is quick, how quickly cars get into an appointment and whether estimates are honest. If your vehicle has an extended warranty, you are likely required to use the dealership service center. Investigate thoroughly so you are not committed to a bad situation.
  • Respect for boundaries: Unless you are looking at a supercar like a Ferrari, your dream car will always be available—even if one you are considering sells in the next few days as you think it over. A “no” should not translate as “convince me” to the sales representative. The same is true when you say “no” to upselling. Sometimes there is a good reason a car stays on the lot, so never feel obligated in the face of high-pressure sales.
  • Convenience: This is especially important if a warranty requires that you use the dealership’s repair facilities. You may find a great purchase price at a dealer 40 miles away, but if a repair issue arises, you will really regret that distance. Dealers often associate with each other, so if your perfect vehicle has an extended warranty, ask about your service options. A reputable dealer frequently has alternatives and will likely work hard to find one that works for your situation.
  • Good online reviews: Check Yelp and other review sites to see what customers say about the dealer. It is likely that you will see a mix of good and bad experiences, as it is impossible to make everyone happy. If most reviews indicate good experiences, you are likely considering a reputable dealership.

If you are looking for a reputable used car dealer in Fergus Falls, MN with an extensive inventory, College Way Auto Sales & Service is here for you. Visit today and see what we can offer you.

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