Five Ways to Make the Right Purchase When Navigating ATV and UTV Sales in Fergus Falls, MN

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Nothing feels better than taking to the countryside in a new ATV or UTV. These mobile vehicles allow you to traverse uneven terrain and overtake obstacles that are in your way. Whether you are purchasing an ATV for enjoyment or a UTV for help around the yard, it is important that you make an investment that is worthy of the duties you are looking to perform. Here are some top tips to check for when purchasing a used ATV or UTV to make sure you are getting a machine that will perform as expected and give you the longevity you are looking for:

  • Oil quality: This can provide some useful indicators of the health of the machine you are looking to buy through ATV or UTV sales in Fergus Falls, MN. Dirty oil is a sign that the owner hasn’t properly taken care of the machine, and you should be wary of its ability to stand up to the activities you have planned for it. Oil that is too clean can also be a sign that the owner has recently changed it to disguise any potential problems that are occurring with the machine.
  • Tire wear: In a used ATV or UTV, the tires may be worn, but they shouldn’t need immediate replacement. If the tires have no life left in them, use this as a negotiating point when determining your purchase price, as you will have to invest in tires in order to use the machine. Newer tires can be a sign that the piece of equipment you are looking to buy through ATV or UTV sales in Fergus Falls, MN has very little wear, or that the tires were a recent addition to the machine.
  • Engine power: Do your research before you buy, as you will need to ensure you have a UTV or ATV that has enough power for the activities you have planned for it. The more horsepower the machine you are looking at has, the more of a workhorse it will be and the more power it will have. Be sure to select a machine that isn’t poorly rated for how you want it to function.
  • Frame damage: The frame of the UTV or ATV you intend to buy should be in good shape, without any damage. A dented frame may be beyond repair without a complete overhaul, and can signify that there are more problems with the ATV or UTV than is readily apparent at first glance.
  • Appearance: The overall appearance of the machine you plan to buy through ATV or UTV sales in Fergus Falls, MN should have a clean and undamaged look. You want your ATV or UTV to look as new as possible so you get as much resale value out of it as possible. Buying a machine that has a diminished appearance may cost you over time when you’re ready to resell it.

Through ATV or UTV sales in Fergus Falls, MN, you will be able to find a machine that is ideal for your situation. With a little examination of the ATV or UTV you plan on buying, you will avoid the pitfalls that come along with purchasing a machine with problems. To purchase an ATV or UTV, visit College Way Auto Sales & Service. We offer an array of used vehicles from SUVs to cars and trucks, in addition to a range of ATVs and UTVs. Come see us today!

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