Have an Auto Shop in Fergus Falls, MN Get Your Car Ready for Winter Driving

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Winter driving is upon us, and you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for the extreme weather conditions. Having an auto shop in Fergus Falls, MN get your car ready for the winter season can help you avoid breakdowns on a cold or snowy day and keep you safe in icy conditions. When you visit an auto shop for a winter driving service, they will inspect your vehicle for the following:

  • Battery test: Your battery needs to have a full charge to make sure your vehicle starts on those frigid days. An auto shop in Fergus Falls, MN will test your battery and replace it if the charge level is low. This is a good way to ensure you don’t get stranded on a cold winter night, and can mean the difference of whether or not your vehicle starts when it is below zero outside.
  • Antifreeze levels: Your antifreeze levels should be full and at a 50/50 ratio. This keeps your radiator operating properly and your car functioning at its optimum level. When you take your vehicle in for winter driving service, an auto shop will top your fluids and make sure you have the right mixture to get through the winter.
  • Tire wear: Tire wear is crucial when it comes to winter driving. Tires that are worn can’t grip the road, and this can cause a dangerous situation when driving on snow and ice. Have an auto shop in Fergus Falls, MN inspect your tires for wear and replace them if they show significant signs of tread loss to keep you safe during winter driving.
  • Wiper fluid and wiper check: Nothing is worse than a windshield that can’t be cleared because you have run out of wiper fluid or your wipers are overly worn. Through a maintenance check by your auto shop, your windshield wiper fluid will be filled and your wipers will be replaced to ensure you have the best visibility possible when driving in wet and slushy conditions.
  • Brake inspection: Brake wear can impede your stopping and can cause an accident. Have your brakes checked for pad wear by your auto shop in Fergus Falls, MN to make sure you have enough pad to stop in a short distance and when conditions aren’t favorable.
  • Oil level: The oil level in your vehicle is imperative to the health of your engine, and regular oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle functional. Have your auto shop change your oil regularly to maintain the life of your car and your engine.

Getting your vehicle ready for winter driving by visiting an auto shop in Fergus Falls, MN can eliminate many breakdowns that can occur because of a poorly maintained vehicle. If you should get into an accident this winter season, don’t despair, as an auto shop can repair your vehicle and get you back on the road in no time. To schedule your winter driving service, contact College Way Auto Sales & Service. No vehicle problem is too big or too small for our mechanics to handle. We look forward to keeping you safe this winter!

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