Six Steps to Finding a Good Auto Mechanic in Fergus Falls, MN

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When your car needs maintenance or major repairs, you want to be able to trust your auto mechanic in Fergus Falls, MN. This is often a trial and error process that ends in many fruitless attempts and high repair bills. You can reduce the chances of falling victim to a less reputable mechanic by doing some research first. Here is how to go about this process:

  • Check for warranty limitations: If your car is on its original or an extended warranty, you likely have few choices of where to take it in for repairs. Seeing the wrong mechanic can void warranties and result in paying for repairs you never had to finance in the first place. Before you begin your search, see if you are limited to certain mechanics or ones who specialize in your make and model of vehicle. If you have several options of where you can request warranty repairs, this will at least narrow the field when you are making a choice.
  • Ask around: See if your friends and family members are happy with their current mechanic. Many small town shops make a good living on word of mouth because they are honest and thorough. By the same token, you will also learn who to avoid so you do not end up getting burned for merely wanting your car repaired.
  • Consider location: Even if you find a trustworthy repair shop, it will not do you much good if the location is not convenient. Having to pick up your car from 20 miles away is not going to do you many favors on a work day. Look for shops near your work or home, or are at least near public transportation, so drop-off or pickup is easier. If the mechanic offers shuttle service, confirm that it covers your area.
  • Learn about certification: The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certification is the most common one for good mechanics. It will indicate a minimum level of proficiency and shows dedication to staying updated on the latest in repair technology. While this is not definitive and not every reputable shop pursues it, the certification works well when weighing your choices.
  • Read online reviews: The experiences of other customers are very illustrative. While it is unlikely that all customers will be happy, since that is impossible, you should find mainly positive reviews on a mechanic. If reviews reveal inflated prices or shoddy work, and seem to do so on a consistent basis, you are better off staying away from that service provider.
  • Ask about warranties: Good shops offer some type of warranty or guarantee for their work. This is often the deciding factor for customers who are more risk-averse, as it offers reassurance that all repairs will be finished correctly. If there are no guarantees or warranties, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

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